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TIME: 01:22PM Friday September 04,2009

Often dubbed a ‘living museum’, Europe is a region rich in history and tradition. Fairy-tale castles cast their shadows over lush green valleys and Gothic churches stand proudly amid beautifully preserved medieval towns. Galleries overflow with masterpieces from the likes of da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rodin, Van Gogh and Picasso. Festivals have evolved from ancient pagan rituals (even beer drinking has a time-honored track record, especially in countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and Germany).

This complex region presents a patchwork of varied landscapes and an enticing smorgasbord of more than 30 nationalities. Snowy Alps, the fabled aurora borealis and the Mediterranean Sea are all here for the enjoying, as are French chic, Italian passion, Nordic minimalism, Spanish flair and much, much more. Although it’s steeped in the past, Europe isn’t living in it. Ancient monuments such as Athens’ Acropolis and Rome’s Colosseum sit amid vibrant, thriving cities. Paris and Prague might look quaint, but their attitude is definitely contemporary, cosmopolitan and liberal, while buzzing multicultural metropolises such as Berlin and London are visibly 21st-century cities.

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