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China Travel Guide-Heilongjiang
TIME: 11:56AM Monday February 28,2011

Heilongjiang Province Travel Guide

Heilongjiang Province (hēi lóng jiāng shěng 黑龙江省) is called Hei (hēi 黑) for short, with Harbin as its provincial capital. With expanse of flatland and wide areas of fertile black soil, it is one of China's major commodity grain growers. Named after its largest river, its land area includes the country’s largest oil reserve. Lying in the northernmost part of northeast China, Heilongjiang Province is the province with the longest winters. And with the development of society, it has become now one of the well-known tourist destinations in China. There are a variety of special interest tours catering for tourists such as the ice and snow tour, the forest tour, the summer resort tour, and the border (between China and Russia) town tour.

Travel in Crater National Forest Park

The Crater National Forest Park is 50 kilometers to the northwest Jingpo Lake (jìng bó hú 镜泊湖), which is located in the deep mountainous areas of Mountain Zhangguangcai (zhāng guǎng cái lǐng 张广才岭) with the elevation 1,000 meters. It is a piece covered with the precious tree seed's virgin forest including the red pine, the purple tree, the yellow pine, the scale pine trees, the Chrysanthemum pine and so on. The area amounts to more than 66,900 hectares, which is a natural green treasure house. It is renowned at home and abroad for the "crater underground forest". The country lists it as the national level nature protection area.

Travel in Sandaoguan National Forest Park

Sandaoguan National Forest Park (sān dào guān guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 三道关国家森林公园) is located in the suburb of northeast of Mudanjiang (mǔ dān jiāng 牡丹江) City, which is 20 kilometers apart from the town center. The four season’s landscape is beautiful here; in spring flowers colorfully grow, in midsummer the shade looks like a lid, in the golden fall red leaves decorate the whole mountain, in winter it is a beautiful snow world. It is famous for beautiful mountain, clear water, and slim stone and silent forest. The main landscapes include: Mountain Daiwang (dài wáng shān 岱王山), the fairy cave (xiān rén dòng 仙人洞), Narrow sky (yī xiàn tiān 一线天), the couple stone (fū qī shí 夫妻石) and so on.

Travel in Snow Castle

The Snow Castle in Mudanjiang City boasts its present status of No.1 in the world in terms of area coverage, snow used and active involvement, which can rival those in Kemi (kǎi mǐ shì 凯米市), Finland, and in Sapporo, Japan. Each year, the Snow Village will be planned and constructed featuring different motif, which has become a focus of attraction in the winter tours of Heilongjiang Province and as such tourists from various places come with admiration for its reputation to experience and enjoy the charm of these art treasures. It is the Snow Castle in Mudanjiang.

Tangwanghe National Park - China's First National Park

Located in the territory of Tangwanghe District (tāng wàng hé qū 汤旺河区), Yichun (yī chūn 伊春) City, Heilongjiang Province, Tangwanghe National Park (tāng wàng hé guó jiā gōng yuán 汤旺河国家公园) is the first national park approved in China. It has unique tourism resources with the advantage of particularly favorable forest and ice & snow.

Wuying National Forest Park - the Heaven of Korean Pines

Located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and south slope ofXiao xing'anling(xiǎo xìng ān lǐng 小兴安岭),Wuying National Forest Park(wǔ yíng guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 五营国家森林公园) is established as early as 1990. It covers an area of 14141 hectares. It was approved as a nationalforest parkby former Ministry of Forestry in 1993. It was promoted to be national 4A tourist attraction in 2002. It was designated as "National Civilized Forest Park" by State Forestry Administration in 2001. It was awarded asYouthCivilization in national tourism industry by Center Committee of China Youth Communist League and National Tourism Administration in 2003. Wuying National Forest Park has thetoweringold trees, vast forest, and the largest scale and integrated preserving Korean pine virgin foreststrap.

Daliangzi River National Forest Park - Xing'an Pearl, Sanjiang Jade

Daliangzi River National Forest Park(dà liàng zǐ hé guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 大亮子河国家森林公园) is located the south of the eastern provinceTangyuan County(tāng yuán xiàn 汤原县) within a total area of 7171 hectares, was founded in 1987. It is the construction of the first National Park Forest Parks in China. The main body of park is red pine original forest, and the park is a natural ecological landscape zone with stones, rivers, zoological and botanical sights, taking on thecharacterofsightthrough grand ancient tree, vast forest,clean water, colorful scenery in four seasons and the charming natural scenery. It includes many perfect area:DaliangziRiver Rafting(dà liàng zǐ hé piāo liú 大亮子河漂流),Giant Tree Island(jù shù dǎo 巨树岛),  Yuanhai Temple(yuàn hǎi sì 愿海寺) and so on.

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