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Houston Marathon training program, week 6
TIME: 05:35PM Monday August 31,2009

Week 6 of marathon training has arrived! The total mileage will increase as usual but the long run backs off to 9 miles. Good thing, too; it allows time to get some fly fishing in!

Yesterday was quite a relief for the long run. The temperature was just 72 degrees at the start and the sunrise ushered in a nice breeze. Have we turned the corner on summer's heat here in Houston? Let's hope so.

The Weather Channel's 10-day guess shows the daily high trending down. Even so, pay attention to hydration. Another thing to pay attention to as we add more mileage is to consume carbs and protein right after working out, within 15 minutes. And now to line out next week's schedule.

Marathon training plan – week 6 08/31/09 - 09/06/09 Monday: Intervals, .5 mile warm up, 5 X 400 meters, .5 mile cool down, 2.25 miles Tuesday: Easy, 4.5 miles Wednesday: Hillwork, 3 miles (3 passes over Kemah Bridge) Thursday: Easy, 4.65 miles Friday: Rest day Saturday: Long run, 9 miles Sunday: Cross training (weight training, swimming, cycling, yoga, elliptical machine, etc.)

Total weekly mileage = 23.4 miles Keep tracking and recording long run average pace so you can determine long run distance by watch time. This is especially handy when running trails or in an unfamiliar area.

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