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2012 Russia Expedition Series---Evenki Polar Hunting Expedition

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Siberia Intro:   

    Siberia was defined as the whole part of Russia to the east of Ural Mountains, including the Russian Far East. According to this definition, Siberia extended eastward from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast, and southward from the Arctic Ocean to the border of Russian Central Asia and the national borders of both Mongolia and China.   

    Siberia makes up about 77% of Russia's territory , but has only 28% of Russia's population. "Siberia" originates from the Turkic, means peaceful land.   

    In the minds of many Chinese, Siberia is often seen as "a desolate land".It that the truth?    

    During the Spring Festival, China Outdoor Net,with the Krasnoyarsk's department concerned permission, will take 2 teams which including 24 people at most to the hunting-field hunting, as well as carrying the prey legally.    

    Which animals we can hunt? Wow, David's deer, red deer,caribou, sable and brown bear, just to name a few.   

    Walking around the beautiful scene, breathing the definitely fresh air is so amazing. This exclusive trip with Caribou and 100% wild nature is absoluely a phenomenal experience for you.





2012 Spring Hunting Series Activities : 

A: 2012 Jan.23~Feb.05 (12 days: 10 days in the hunting zones and 2 days of Russian ethnic tour)

B: 2012 Feb.20~Mar.02 (12 days: 10 days in the hunting zones and 2 days of Russian ethnic tour)

C: 2012 Mar.18~Mar.30(12 days: 10 days in the hunting zones and 2 days of Russian ethnic tour)

D: 2012Nov.08~Nov.23(12 days: 10 days in the hunting zones and 2 days of Russian ethnic tour)


Place: Russia Siberia Far-east Evenki hunting zones

Number of People: Maximumly 15 people

Closing Date: 

A: 2011 Dec.20

B: 2012 Jan.15

C: 2012 Jan.15

D: 2012.Jun.15



Krasnoyarsk Krai Evenki: Nidimkan River, Ogneko River



Weather: plenty of sunshine in the day, comparatively dry

Temperature: -15°~ -35

Latitude: 63°37'50.84" North

Longitude: 100° 1'29.66" East

Programmes Included:

  Fishing on the river on spinning, rafting ,wild camping, walking on the snowfield,

  Snowmobile. Reindeer and sleigh, Skiing, Camping, field survivorship, Barbecue


  The Animals you could hunt here:


Hunting Weapons:



Rifle - TIGR- 01 UD          Saiga12K04002        Blaser R93 Attache




Airport and Helicopter


Flights Beijing - Krasnoyarsk  3:40 hour

Krasnoyarsk-Tura village     2:20 hour

Tura-Evenki hunting zones    50 minutes

Accommodation in Krasnoyarsk city : 4*Villa Hotel


Camp in Evenki hunting zones:


Bath in the wooden cases and Sauna

Food: Cook. Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Original and barbecue flavor


Safety team:

 Outdoor Expert VOLKOV SERGEY

  Professional Guide STAS UVACHAN

Gayulskiyie Artur / Ydigiri Aleksei / Ydigiri Andrey

  Cook: Masha Uvachan


A:  2012 Jan.23~Feb.05 (12 days: 10 days in the hunting zones and 2 days of Russian ethnic tour)

        RMB  55800/PERSON

B~D: Undetermined

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