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Great results in China in two of biggest international events of 2009
TIME: 03:46PM Tuesday September 01,2009

Great results in China in two of biggest international events of 2009 .

Opening Ceremony

Some great recent results for the Athlete team in a couple of our bigger international events of the year. After 3 hard days of racing in Guangxi, China our team finished 3rd place overall in the Baise Outdoor Quest, behind a world leading top French/New Zealand team and Team Sweden. It was one of the most competitive adventure races of 2009 in Mainland China and included 207km of mountain biking, lake and river kayaking, trail running, and adventure ropes skills. New team members James Chen from Taiwan and Baby Bitbit from Philippines stepped up and had great performances to help our team keep our top-team-in-Asia mantel and beat all the best Mainland Chinese teams and the other international teams.

Also this past weekend team member Stone Tsang had an incredible performance in The North Face 100 –coming in 3rd place overall in the international event held outside Beijing. This was an especially good result in the 100km endurance running event as 70% of race was on road !

The team also had a 1st place result in Hong Kong’s grueling 65km Round-the-Island running race 2 weeks ago.Outdoor Quest09 finish

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