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How many days would you spend in each city?
TIME: 11:05PM Tuesday September 01,2009

Q:Hi there! I will be in china for almost 2 weeks (14 days) in October, and I want to concentrate on just 3 cities: Beijing, Shanghai (including maybe Shuzhou and Nanjing) and Xi'an. How many days would you spend in each city? I thought about 4-5 in Beijing, 5-6 in Shanghai (including the trips to Shuzhou and Nanjing) and 2-3 in Xi'an. Your take? Thanks!

A:Hello. I think the days are ok. Two nights in Xian is enough and you can have a wonderful and not tight scedule trip in 5 days in Beijing. Two nights in Shanghai are enough too and one day in Suzhou and one day in Nanjing. Enjoy~

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