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IFSC Climbing World Championship 2011, the top Trentino event
TIME: 03:23PM Friday February 18,2011

And the winner is…Arco! The Eiffel Tower and the Red Square were beaten by this small Trentino town in the bid to host the World Championships of Climbing that will be held here from 15 to 24 July 2011. For Italy it is the first time and this is due to the tradition of the Upper Garda locality and the organising ability of the Asd Rock Master, the creator of the event of the same name that can now celebrate its twenty-fifth year with the championship colours. A new discipline will be introduced in the World Championships in Arco, the team speed. It will also host the first World Championship of Paraclimbing for the disabled. An important showcase that will launch Arco as the capital of international climbing.

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