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Garnish Hiking Trail upgraded
TIME: 05:22PM Wednesday April 13,2011

Anyone who has hiked the Long Ridge Hiking Trail in Garnish in 2011 knows the 1.5 kilometre trek has been improved significantly.

Community Enhancement Program money allowed the council to hire two people to do the work during late fall and early winter. One of those hired was a skilled carpenter.

Pressure treated lumber was lugged up the steep inclines and used to build board walk across all of the muddy spots. Some of the steep spots had steps built out of cut sticks and these had rotted to the point of being a hazard. All of those were removed, and in several cases, new stairs built.

In other places, where stairs were not required, hand rails were built to assist the climbing up and down. You can see the upgrades at ‘’.

One picnic table was built to replace one no longer usable. It is located at a scenic location and hikers will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the view while catching their breath.

Parking is available on both ends of the 1.5 kilometre trail. On the Fortune Bay end, you can leave your vehicle where the chicken farm used to be and look for a wooden chair facing the salt water.

On the Short Road end, park at the entrance to the Old School, or in front of the pump house, then walk up Cemetery Road. Council is looking at making a larger parking lot in this area.

Everyone is reminded the Long Ridge Trail is challenging. You will work up a sweat. Some of the climbs up and down will make you work and are not for the feeble.

If you are up to the challenge, you will be rewarded with a view second to none. On one end you can see a 300 degree view of Garnish and the Garnish River.

Closer to Fortune Bay,  you will find a panoramic view of Garnish, Fortune Bay and Frenchman’s Cove. Bring your camera and fresh batteries.

Most who walk the trail keep coming back to do it again.

Many hikers are taking advantage of the improved trail. Users with dogs are reminded to be respectful of others, and keep your dog on a leash.

All are welcome to give the trail a try. Remember, nothing is better for your health than an exhilarating hike.

Anyone looking for a walk that is less demanding might want to consider the Garnish-Point Rosie Trail.



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