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Car rental (with a driver) service in Shanghai

We have various vehicles for lease in Shanghai: sedan, mini van, bus etc. Our car rental services are all come with our drivers, this makes your life in Shanghai a lot easier. We only provide reliable driver with professional drive skills, and the car that you lease will be at first rate condition. We don't risk your safety with a bad drive or poor maintained vehicle. For drivers which can't speak English during the trip, Shang Car requests them call our helpline ASAP and our customer services staff will help to solve the language barrier problem within seconds.

Best Deal Ever at Shang Car

Car GroupSeatsDaily RateMonthly RateOver time
Extra mileage
Toyota Corolla5¥550¥ 9,000¥ 30/H¥ 3/Km
VW Passat5¥550¥ 9,000¥ 30/H¥ 3/Km
VW Touran7¥580¥ 9,000¥ 30/H¥ 3/Km
GM Buick GL87¥600¥ 9,500¥ 40/H¥ 4/Km
Foton MP-X11¥680¥ 12,000¥ 50/H¥ 5/Km
Mercedes MB10012¥680¥ 12,000¥ 50/H¥ 5/Km

Price: New Client Only

Daily Rental (short term car rental in Shanghai)

Daily Rental including first 100KM mileage car rental, driver's salary, fuel fee, car insurance fee. Price not including highway fee(if applicable), parking fee, overtime charge and extra milage charge

Overtime Charge: (OT) Serve 9 hours(including driver's standby time) each day. Over time charges according to price list shows above.

Extra Mileage (EM): For mileage over 100KM, it will be charged according to price list shows above.

Monthly Rental (Long Term car lease in Shanghai)

Monthly rental including car rental, maintenance cost, road tax, insurance, driver's salary, Rental not including fuel fee, highway fee(if applicable), parking fee.

9 hours(including driver's lunch time) per day, 22 working days with 3,000Km mileage per month

Extra Mileage (EM): According to price list shows above.

Over time charge (OT): Different rates on working days, weekends, national holidays, rates according to contract.

To rent a car in Shanghai, please send your brief requirements mentioned below to Shang Car, we will reply you back very soon.

Any specific vehicle that you are going to lease?

For the daily use: Your company's address? Your home street name? [ To get this information is only for arrange specific driver]

For how long the daily driver service will be?

Additional requests? For instance, driver should work from Monday to Saturday etc.

How soon do you need our car rental (with a driver) service in Shanghai

For your enquiries, we will carefully assess the options, consider what is feasible within your expectation. Please send your enquiries about car rental in Shanghai to: Email: rental@shangcar.com about hire a car in Shanghai.

SHANG CAR also can create a customized package - whether you have a group that needs specific vehicles at several locations or if you need airport pickup from Hotel to Pudong International Airport T1, T2, take a business trip from Shanghai to Yiwu or any other destinations etc. SHANG CAR could provide you our vehicles immediately.

Minivan Rental in Shanghai: If you have a lot of people to move in Shanghai and beyond, a minivan rental is what you need. Perfect for road trips and family vacations, with SHANG CAR a minivan rental will make the journey feel like you are in a living room on wheels. You'll find a minivan rental offers ample space, with room for 7 passengers. Rent a minivan today through SHANG CAR!

Rent a truck in Shanghai: Need to haul a few things in Shanghai? A cargo van rental from SHANG CAR is what you need. A cargo van rental is well suited for small moving business and is easier to load than a small truck.

Please contact rental@shangcar.com for Rent a Car in Shanghai.


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